Susan Geffen

Susan B Geffen

- Elder Law Attorney
- Gerontologist, Master's USC
- Former Elder Law Professor


I would recommend Susan Geffen to anyone seeking guidance on elder care and law/financial issues. I told Susan when we first met that my father was....
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Why I Wrote “Take that nursing home and shove it!”

I am an elder law attorney and gerontologist.

Many ask why I chose to write a book that picks on the nursing home industry. Many have suggested that I am committing career suicide by choosing to go down this path because the nursing home lobby is very large and powerful. I am leaving myself vulnerable to attacks from many stakeholders. Yet, for me it was a no brainer.

Why? Because a significant portion of us soon-to-be-older adults will end up in nursing homes if we don’t start to formulate our plans. They are not the best place for you or me. This book will help you stay out of a nursing home or choose the right one, should that be your only option.

I want people to understand that the term “nursing home” is an oxymoron. Nursing homes smell bad. Does your home smell like sick people and Fabuloso, the dollar store disinfectant?

Nursing homes look like a hybrid of high school and the hospital. I could not wait to escape from the former as it was terribly boring and oppressed my freedom to engage in the most basic of rights (such as going to the bathroom without first raising my hand); I never want to be in the latter.

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